What are the pickling methods for salted duck eggs?

What are the pickling methods for salted duck eggs?

What are the pickling methods for salted duck eggs?

What are the pickling methods for salted duck eggs?


  Salted duck eggs are made from fresh duck eggs. The processed eggs are preserved and rich in nutrients. They are rich in fat, protein and various amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, various trace elements and vitamins needed by the human body. Absorbed by the body, moderately salty, suitable for all ages, so what are the salting duck eggs? How to pickle salted duck eggs? The following is a detailed introduction by everyone:

  1. Wash and drain the duck eggs.

  2. Prepare a small bowl of high-grade liquor, a small bowl of salt, and a glass jar enough to hold all duck eggs (cleaned with boiling water and dried).

  3. Soak the drained duck eggs in white wine, roll it in table salt, and put it in a glass jar. Seal the glass jar.

  4. Place the jar in a cool place for 15-20 days, take it out, cook it and eat it.

  -Or the third step is to soak the dried duck eggs with high-grade white wine and directly code them into the altar. Then pour the completely cooled brine, preferably with no egg noodles, and seal the container: brine 1: Use 4 kg of water for every 50 duck eggs, and put the appropriate ginger, star anise, and pepper in the water to cook. After the aroma has been cooked, add 1 kg of coarse salt, a few sugar and 50 grams of white wine and mix well. Bittern 2: Introduction to the documentary "China 5 on the Tip of the Tongue" (Episode 5) "The Secret of the Kitchen", add ginger, star anise, pepper, and aromatic leaves to the water, cook slowly for 5 minutes after boiling, then add salt, continue Mix until the brine is full. After cooling, the brine increases into the altar, engulfs the duck eggs, and then adds the appropriate height of white wine.

  Important points for making salted duck eggs

  1. Putting white wine is the key to the extra oil in the salted duck eggs, don't forget. Liquor can accelerate the protein coagulation in the egg, so that the oil in the yolk can be squeezed out. The higher the degree of liquor, the better. Wine made from pure grain. If you want more yolk oil, you can add more liquor.

  2. Another key point is that raw water and oil can not be seen in the whole process, so the jars and tools used for loading should be washed and dried in sufficient quantities. Dipped in raw water and oil, pickled salted duck eggs are easily transformed.

  3. Gently clean the duck eggs and wipe them dry. Or you can use a brush to wash the duck eggs to clean the dirty things on the duck eggs, and then repeatedly rinse with clean water to remove the bacteria in the egg holes. Place in a pot or dish under ventilation or sun exposure to dry completely or dry. Be sure to dry out the water completely.

  4. The altar must be sealed tightly. Some people use plastic bags, they need to tie the bag tightly, and then tie a few more bags outside to ensure good sealing.

  5. The amount of salt and water for pickling salted duck eggs were not strictly required. As long as you use full salt water, gradually add salt in your test until the salt is added and the salt cannot be dissolved.

  6. According to one's own wishes, determine the pickling time. Within the prescribed time, the shorter the sugar core, the thinner, otherwise the harder. If you want to eat something lighter, you can do it in 20 days. If you want to eat salty food, lay it around for 30-40 days. But from a healthy point of view, it is still a little better.

  Other precautions such as picking fresh duck eggs.

  Various other methods

  1. Yellow sand pickled egg method. Prepare 500 grams of yellow sand, 100 grams of refined salt, 50 grams of essential oil, and appropriate water. When pickling, pour the yellow sand into the pot, join the salt, essential oil and water, mix it into a paste, then put the washed and dried fresh duck eggs one by one into the slime, wait for the duck eggs to evenly stick to the mud, then take out and put Put it in a food bag or other container, and after 3 weeks, you can take it out and wash it away to cook. If there is no yellow sand, it can be replaced with other sand. If the sand has poor viscosity, a small amount of clay can be added.

  2. The salting method of full salt water. The amount of water and salt depends on the amount of duck eggs. When marinating, first dissolve table salt in boiling water to reach fullness (concentration is about 20%). After the salt water cools, pour it into the altar, and put the washed and dried duck eggs into the salt water one by one, seal the mouth of the altar, set a ventilated place, and open the altar to take eggs for cooking in 25 days. The salted duck eggs marinated in this method are rich in egg yolk and have a particularly fragrant taste.

  3. Batter pickling method. Take the flour properly, mix it with hot water to make a paste, join a few five-spice powder and liquor and mix well. Put the washed and dried duck eggs into batter one by one, then roll a layer of table salt, put it in the jar, and seal the jar mouth. The salt and the batter are blended together, allowing the salt to enter the egg and can be taken out for cooking after 25 days.

  4. Liquor soaking method. According to 5 kg of duck eggs and 60 kg of white wine 1 kg, 0.5 kg of refined salt preparation. When marinating, the dried duck eggs are dipped in white wine one by one, and then rolled with refined salt, put in a container, sealed and placed in a dry, cool and ventilated place, and can be taken out for cooking in about 30 days.

  5. Pickling of spicy salted eggs: prepare a bowl of spicy sauce and salt, wash several fresh duck eggs, wash the porcelain jar with clean water during marinating, and dry it with boiling water, then dry the duck eggs one by one in the spicy sauce Dip it evenly, roll it again in refined salt, and gently put it into a porcelain jar. Sprinkle a small amount of refined salt on the top layer. Cover and seal it tightly with kraft paper. Place it in a cool and ventilated place. After 30-40 days, you can open the can and cook.

  6. Pickling of spicy salty wine flavored eggs: take thick spicy sauce and white wine, mix evenly according to the proportion of 8:2, put the washed and dried duck eggs one by one and evenly dip them, then roll it again in refined salt, then Put it in a porcelain jar, seal it tightly, and marinate it for 70-90 days. This pickled duck egg is spicy and red, full of wine, slightly salty and spicy, and delicious.

  7. Pickling of spiced salted duck eggs: take pepper, cinnamon, fennel, ginger, refined salt, boil with equal amount of water for 20 minutes, pour into a porcelain altar, soak the washed duck eggs, seal the mouth of the altar, after 40 days Ready to cook. This duck egg has a strong aroma and is slightly salty and delicious.

  Salted duck egg oil factors

  Shelled duck eggs are rich in 14-16% fat, during which more than 99% are present in the egg yolk. If the egg white is removed, the fat in the yolk accounts for about 36%. That is, almost one-third of the egg yolk is composed of fat. There is a lot of water in the egg (about 71%), fat and protein, inorganic salts and other substances are mixed together, no matter whether raw or cooked duck eggs, there is no oil in the yolk. If salted in the future, especially after the salted duck eggs are cooked, the fat concentrates and accumulates to form egg butter with red-yellow yolk and carotene. The salted duck egg oil is a symbol of good salting.

  In addition to fat, egg yolk is also rich in rich protein. It is a superb emulsifier that can disperse the fat in egg yolk into small oil droplets, like the emulsifier of cod liver oil (when cod liver oil becomes an emulsion, the oil depends on It's gone, in fact, cod liver oil is still good, but it is scattered into small oil droplets, and each small oil droplet is coated with a layer of emulsifier and water film). Salt and protein are dead rivals. Salt can reduce the solubility of protein in water and precipitate the protein. This action chemist calls it "salting out". After the protein as an emulsifier is salted out, the emulsion will be destroyed, and those oil droplets that have been scattered into very small oil droplets will gather together and become a large oil. Because the content of fat in egg yolk is more than 30%, once cooked, all egg yolks become oily and even oily.

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