Research results

Research results

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2018 research results:
1) Egg Nutrition and Function Laboratory:
①Study on the anti-cancer mechanism and active ingredients of preserved eggs: In vitro experiments have shown that digested products of preserved eggs have a certain effect on the induction of apoptosis of Caco-2 cells (Caco-2 cells are human cloned colon adenocarcinoma cells). processing;
② Research on vinegar and egg liquid: research on formula adjustment to remove fishy and bitter taste and investigation and test of anti-hangover and liver protection effects. The investigation results show that vinegar and egg liquid phase has a significant anti-hangover effect on apple vinegar and mineral water.
2) Egg processing laboratory:
①Research on low-salt salted egg sludge control: It is found that salted egg sludge is related to moisture content, and has no obvious relationship with sodium chloride content. The average moisture of sludged egg yolk is 44.26%, and unsludged 28.68%;
② salted egg yolk fast pickling: 6 days can be developed and mature, egg yolk is orange-red, oily and moist.
3) Egg equipment research laboratory:
①Noodle egg production line (capacity 6800 pieces/hour, qualified rate 97-98%);
②Efficient egg punching machine (400 holes/hour automatic opening).
4) Egg detection and evaluation laboratory: Through its visual technology, it collects preserved egg images, extracts characteristic parameters, and establishes a non-destructive automatic detection model of preserved egg gel quality.

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