Social recruitment

Social recruitment

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Shendan has a team of high-quality talents. Professional technical and highly skilled talents with college degree or above account for more than 60% of the professionals, and the R&D personnel are all master students.

Shendan has a middle-to-above salary level in the industry, and has set up a number of subsidies and reward systems to encourage employees to pay attention to performance, get ahead, and make progress together in harmonious competition.

Shendan adheres to the strategy of "Talents to Prosper the Enterprise" and has built a complete staff training system. From on-the-job training to on-the-job training to manager training, it provides employees with a happy learning platform for common growth and common progress, helping employees to continuously achieve career success.

Shendan handles five insurances for employees, and those who need it can pay the housing provident fund. Receive employee accounts, files, and party organization relationships. Holiday gifts are distributed on Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival. Employees enjoy statutory holidays prescribed by the state, including paid marriage leave, maternity leave, bereavement leave, annual leave, etc. Employees who have worked for one year or more enjoy 5 days of annual leave, and those who have worked for more than 10 years enjoy 10 days of annual leave.

Shendan is headquartered in Wuhan, the production base is in Anlu, and the sales branches are in major cities across the country. Every place has staff dormitories, which are equipped with water heaters, televisions, washing machines, internet and other facilities. The Wuhan headquarters has a table tennis room, a fitness room, an indoor badminton hall, and a karaoke room. The branch office is integrated with accommodation and office, both serious work and homey, and it is fun.

Holds monthly events such as ball games, singing and speeches, and regularly organizes sports games, skill competitions, Anlu University Student Club and other activities; monthly activity funds are distributed to each unit for group activities. At the headquarters, birthday gifts are given to employees who celebrate their birthdays and birthday parties are held every month. In spring and autumn, the company organizes employees to go out. Annual work pacemaker incentive travel. Enjoy the magnificent rivers and mountains of the motherland in the beautiful Huangshan, the majestic Wudang Mountain, the passionate Beihai, the fashionable Expo Garden, and the beautiful Sun Moon Lake, and relax your mind.

Create a century-old brand and become the world's "shendan". The magnificent blueprint has been drawn, and it is time to set sail, Shendan welcomes you! You are the future successor of Shendan! Let us work together to create a better future!

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