Australia Honey Company

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Australia Honey Company
Company Profile:
Australia Australia Honey International Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Australia Honey Group) was established in 2017. The company's aim is to send the treasures of Western Australia to the world, so that everyone can enjoy the pure sweetness of nature. Ao Mi Group is formed by 7 large enterprises. In order to adapt to and develop the Chinese market, Ao Mi Group established Wuhan Ao Mi International Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuhan Ao Mi Company).
Wuhan Aomi Honey Company was established with the approval of the Wuhan Municipal People's Government. It is one of the key foreign trade import and export enterprises in Wuhan. It is a group enterprise with strong market, gathering of outstanding talents, full of vitality and development potential. The company's business purpose: “mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit, common development, integrity first, civilized management, profitability by virtue, and virtue by virtue”. Wuhan Aomi Honey Company is mainly engaged in the import and export of Aomija Western Australia McHern red wine, Aomija Western Australia red willow eucalyptus honey, Aomija Western Australia high-quality wheat flour, Aomija Western Australia red rock lobster, Aomija Western Australia high quality natural fresh milk and other products.
Our company will rely on the development opportunities of the “Belt and Road” and “Connectivity” to give full play to and effectively integrate the advantages of foreign trade business and channels, innovate business models, strive to build the company's international competitiveness, consolidate the foundation of the domestic and overseas markets, and improve international trade service capabilities To promote the company's transformation into a modern service industry. At present, the company's trade scale is expanding day by day, and it has won the trust of domestic and foreign customers with a good reputation. It has done a lot of positive work to promote my country's modernization, promote economic and technological exchanges with countries around the world, and enhance friendship with people of all countries. Our company has always been actively practicing corporate social responsibility, so that the enterprise and society can achieve harmony and common prosperity, win-win cooperation with partners, and grow together with employees!
Australia Honey Company
Australia Honey Company
Australia Honey Company
Red wine:
McHern Red Wine:
1. Family winery Excellent inheritance: McHern Winery is a family-owned winery jointly established by David Horn and brother-in-law Mary Mike Henry. Previously, the CAPE MENTELLE winery at Manda Point in Western Australia and the Cloudy Bay winery in New Zealand were acquired by LV Group. At present, Meheyne Winery has been rated as a red five-star winery by Chinese people, and is one of the outstanding winery representatives in Australia.
2. Marine climate High-quality raw materials: The winery's vineyards are located in the Margaret River region. The full sunlight and the baptism of the Mediterranean climate make the variety of grapes various and fine, all natural and unique.
3. Seiko's hand Keep improving: Since 1974, Meheen has been practicing military cultivation and brewing, strictly pursuing the quality of every bottle of wine, and brewing good wine with the heart of the craftsman.
4. Western Australia original bottle import: AIMIJA wine is 100% imported from Western Australia McHern Winery. In order to ensure pure taste, all wines are imported from the original bottle of McHern Winery.
Australia Honey Company
Australian honey:
1. Excellent environment Natural beeless mites: The beekeeping factory is located in the only Western Australia without bee mites in the world, which is produced in inaccessible primary forests. Named the world's “liquid gold” by the World Beekeeping Association
2. Safe and reliable Government strict control: The government strictly controls the honey bee farming in Western Australia, stipulating that all bees must not use antibiotics, must be mature honey, and bees do not need to feed syrup throughout the year.
3. Pharmaceutical standards Unique active factors: Australia's first company to produce and process honey with pharmaceutical standards. It is low-temperature sterilized and filtered while retaining active factors to the greatest extent, with strong antibacterial and anti-oxidant capabilities.

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