2018-2019 Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology Awards Research Summary, Science Popularization Results Summary Table





Achievement name

Genetic analysis of important economic traits of quail and breeding of supporting lines

First completion unit

Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences

First person

Pi Jinsong

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contact address

No.1, Nanhu Yaoyuante, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Results start and end time

2005 Nian 1 Yue 1 Ri 2018 Nian 12 Yue 31 Ri

  Concise and accurate description of the research background, main technical solutions and contents, main scientific and technological innovation points, authorized patents and intellectual property rights, achievement of overall technical and economic indicators compared with similar advanced technologies at home and abroad, technological maturity and application promotion and Benefits, etc. Popular science achievements should objectively, accurately, and briefly introduce the audience, innovative methods, expression forms, content of scientific and technological knowledge, and distribution of popular science works ( within 1600 words).

( 1)  Field of science and technology: animal husbandry and poultry science

( 2)  Main content and characteristics

Quails are special economic birds. Quail eggs have high nutritional value and are called "animal ginseng", and the market demand is strong. China's quail breeding started in 1978. After 50 years of rapid development, the breeding scale now ranks first in the world. Breeding varieties include the imported Japanese quail, Korean quail, southern agricultural yellow feathers, and white feathers. Hubei is the main production area for quail breeding, and the processing of quail eggs ranks among the top in the country. Quail began to lay eggs at 35 days of age, with short feeding cycles, low investment, and quick results. It has become one of the important starting points for farmers to increase income, target poverty alleviation, and reform the agricultural supply-side structure.

The quail breeding and egg processing in Hubei Province ranks first in the country. The project is aimed at the few varieties of quail; uneven egg shape, difficult to process; imperfect breeding technology, unable to meet the needs of large-scale breeding, etc. With the support of the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology Transformation Project and other projects, the Hubei Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences The Institute worked closely with Hubei Shendan Health Food Co., Ltd. to carry out genetic analysis of important economic traits of quails and the cultivation of supporting lines. After 13 years of research, 41 results have been obtained  , including: 1 new variety  , 4 specialized lines, 13 patents, 2 local standards, 1 book, 3 egg processed products, and 17 papers. The main innovations are as follows:

1. Original innovation, using genome-wide association analysis to reveal the genetic basis of quail feather color and other characteristic traits, and selected 23 new SNP molecular markers related to quail feather color, body weight, and egg-laying traits .

Completed de novo sequencing and re-sequencing of the whole quail genome using core germplasm resources, assembled the quail genome, obtained a total of 1332Gb data, accounting for 84.6% of the global counterparts ; assembled the quail genome size is about 1.04Gb, and a total of 16210 functional genes were annotated Among them, there are 238 new genes; using the whole genome association analysis method, the molecular genetic basis of the characteristics and characteristics of quail feather color, body weight and precocious puberty are revealed for the first time, and five new genes such as quail sexual precocity are identified, and the feather color and body weight are developed. 23 new molecular markers for traits such as egg laying and egg laying have significantly improved the basic research level of quail in China. It has applied for 3 national invention patents, published 4 SCI papers, and has independent intellectual property rights.

2. Breeding and innovation of breeds, breeding China's first national new quail breed ( matching line)

Collected domestic and foreign genetic resources, using the combination of full-breed family breeding and molecular marker-assisted breeding, selected 4  specialized lines and bred Shendan No. 1 quail matching line suitable for processing  . This is from the national livestock genetic resources. (Administration) Since the establishment of the Committee, Hubei Province has passed the national approval of the first new breed of livestock and poultry (supporting line), and it is also the first new quail breed (supporting line) approved by the country in China, which fills the domestic gap. Compared with foreign quails, it has three major characteristics: save 10% feed; increase egg production rate by 10%; uniform egg shape, less processing damage. Developed special breeding equipment for quails to improve the accuracy of genetic testing; using quail feather color molecular markers to identify individuals with homogenous genotypes of feather color, the breeding cycle was shortened by 2 years, and the accuracy rate of commercial quail feather color from male to female was 99% . 2 local standards were formulated, 10 papers were published, and 1 monograph was published.

In view of the characteristics of small quail individuals, fast growth and early egg production, the project team researched and designed efficient quail breeding technology and a full set of breeding observation equipment and artificially assisted natural mating technology to collect and accurately collect each individual for family breeding in quail breeding The breeding data provided guarantees; to achieve accurate acquisition of quail sibling family breeding and individual production performance data, to ensure the smooth implementation of the sibling family breeding work.

3. Integration and innovation of supporting technology, building a quail standardized breeding and processing technology system

In view of the lack of special cages and low automation in the process of large-scale egg quail breeding, a series of breeding equipment facilities such as fully automatic breeding quail cages and automatic feeding devices have been designed; , Nutritional requirements, the development of quail-specific feed formulas, which provides a guarantee for the full play of quail production performance; formulated local standards covering construction planning, varieties, feeding management, etc., compiled and published a quail breeding monograph , proposed The quail standard breeding technology program has been promoted, and the quail industry has been transformed into a large-scale and automated breeding method; based on the characteristics of quail eggs, 3 new products including baked eggs, bast eggs, and hand cream containing quail egg hydrolysate have been developed Extend the quail breeding industry chain, greatly increase the added value of products, and promote the upgrading and upgrading of quail industry scale and intensive breeding technology. Authorized 14 national patents, including 6 invention patents, 8 utility model patents; 3 new products.

( 3)  Application promotion

The project creates the " integration of hospitals and enterprises + integration of breeding, propaganda and promotion" promotion application model, which is applied to more than ten provinces and cities in Hubei, Shaanxi and Zhejiang. In 2017-2018 alone, a total of 2.15 million sets of parental quails and 24.469 million commercial generations of quail No. 1 were promoted, with a new output value of 552 million yuan and a new profit of 110 million yuan. Hubei has a market share of more than 70%, with significant economic and social benefits. The application prospect is broad.


Fifteen years as one day

"Fifteen years as one day" Hubei Shendan loves to help students, and then pairs to help 66 students

A group photo of Shendan Company, Hengshui Middle School, and Chendian Middle School Aid Group on October 27th, Hubei Shendan Company held a donation activity for the 15th Hunshui Middle School and the 4th Chendian Middle School , 66 donated students interacted with their brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts. Zhou Yousheng, vice chairman of the Anlu Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, Sun Ning, director of the Anlu Education Bureau, Wu Dabin, the mayor of Hunshui Town, and Luo Hao, the mayor of Chendian Township, all witnessed this warm moment.

Shendan organized a group appearance at the opening ceremony of the 10th National Games and cheered for the 10th National Games!

On the morning of October 28th, the 10th Wuhan Games opened at Hanyang No. 1 Middle School Stadium in Caidian District. Chen Yixin, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Committee, Mayor Wan Yong, Mayor of Caidian District People's Government, and 10th Wuhan Games Group Peng Qiaodi, deputy director of the committee, and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.
Shendan Cup

"Shendan Cup" youth track and field competition perfectly interprets "youth prosperity and national prosperity"

On November 1, the three-day Wuhan Shenyang Cup "Shendan Cup" youth track and field competition ended in Hanyang No. 1 Middle School in Caidian District. 564 athletes from 13 districts competed on the heroes on the field, fully demonstrating the spirit of hard work of the younger generation.

Good news: Huang Fufang won a special award of 100,000 yuan from the chairman of the board-Hubei Shendan 2017 Section 2 Summary and Commendation and Section 3 Work Mobilization Conference Held

The conference commended 32 advanced units and responsible persons in the western region and Zhang Ping and other 203 advanced workers and awarded medals and certificates. 21 awards, 20 innovations, 36 proposals and management teams were rewarded, with a total amount of 690,000 yuan. This heavy prize, the Dragon Boat Festival Group Purchase Challenge Award, won 100,000 yuan by Huang Fufang, the Ministry of E-Commerce.


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