How to choose high-quality pine flower preserved eggs?

How to choose high-quality pine flower preserved eggs?

How to choose high-quality pine flower preserved eggs?

How to choose high-quality pine flower preserved eggs?


  Songhua preserved egg is a kind of food that we often come into contact with in our daily life. Especially during holidays, friends and relatives come to dinner, and preserved egg is an indispensable cold dish. But how to choose good quality preserved eggs?

    How to buy pine flower eggs? Want to choose high-quality pine flower preserved eggs, you need to grasp the following tips.  

    1. Grip by hand

    Put the Songhua egg quietly in the palm of your hand and feel the quality of the trembling pine flower egg is better, but the quality of the trembling pine flower egg is worse.  

    2. Shake

    Pick up the preserved egg with your hand and shake it quietly around the ear. The quality of the Songhua egg can not be heard. If you hear the sound of water, it means that the quality of the Songhua egg is not very good, and the louder the sound, the worse the quality, and even worse. It will be bad or bad.  

    3. Investigate the eggshell

    After peeling off the mud attached to the pine flower eggs, carefully investigate the eggshell. If the eggshell is intact, the color of the pine flower eggs is gray and white, and the quality of the pine flower eggs without black spots is the best. If cracks are found on the eggshell, it is probably because too much alkali penetrated during the processing, and then the flavor of the protein is affected. At the same time, bacteria will also invade from the cracks, causing the pine eggs to metamorphose.  

    4. Peel off to see the color

    If it is a pickled qualified pine flower egg, after peeling the egg shell, we see that the egg white color is brownish brown, there will be pine branch markings on the top, and there is greater elasticity; after cutting the pine flower egg, we can see the color of the cross section of the egg Diversified, the outer periphery of the egg yolk is black-green or blue-black, and the base is orange-red.

  The above 4 methods, I hope that the majority of friends who like to eat pine flower preserved eggs can learn from it. Only eating high-quality pine flower preserved eggs is called good preserved eggs. At the same time, high-quality pine flower preserved eggs are also better than ordinary pine flower preserved eggs.

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