Three Misunderstandings about the Nutritional Value of Native Eggs and How to Identify Native Eggs

Three Misunderstandings about the Nutritional Value of Native Eggs and How to Identify Native Eggs

Three Misunderstandings about the Nutritional Value of Native Eggs and How to Identify Native Eggs

Three Misunderstandings about the Nutritional Value of Native Eggs and How to Identify Native Eggs


  Are native eggs more nutritious than ordinary eggs? There is a popular saying that native eggs have higher nutrient value, which has been sought after, resulting in an increase in fake and inferior native eggs. Is there any way to choose excellent local eggs? Here, let me teach you a few ways to choose local eggs, don't miss it.

  Native eggs have higher nutrient value?

  Although the nutrient value of native eggs and common eggs has its own emphasis, it should have been negligible. Previously, dozens of batches of eggs from different regions, different types, and different farming methods were inspected, and the results showed that eggs produced by traditional rural free-range methods and eggs produced by centralized farming contained protein. , Amino acids, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients are basically the same.

  It can be seen that native eggs are not synonymous with "high nutritional value". They are different from ordinary eggs in the taste. Native chicken eggs have a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, which is very suitable for boiled eggs and fried eggs. The simple cooking method can bring out its excellent taste thoroughly. If you want to investigate the difference, animal husbandry research data and food measurement data show that compared with native eggs and foreign eggs, the share of omega fatty acids and lecithin is slightly higher, which does have some advantages for promoting cholesterol metabolism and maintaining cardiovascular.

  There are 3 major misunderstandings about local eggs

  Myth 1: Farm eggs are more nutritious. Real farm eggs (earth eggs) may be better. However, the inspection indicated that the nutrient content of farm eggs is not higher than that of ordinary eggs. In addition, the environmental sanitation status of free-range chickens is not well controlled, and eggs are more likely to be contaminated by stool.

  Myth 2: Red-shell eggs have more nutrients than white-shell eggs. In the past, people always thought that red-shelled eggs were more nutritious, and the price of red-shelled eggs on the market was also more expensive. The inspection indicated that the color of the eggshell is related to the type of chicken and has nothing to do with nutrients.

  Myth 3: "Newborn eggs" and "utility eggs" are more nutritious. In general, eggs produced by chickens within 130 to 160 days of growth will be called newborn eggs. There is no inspection evidence that the nutrient content of newborn eggs is more than that of normal eggs. In fact, newborn eggs are relatively small, about 40 grams each, and are not allowed to be sold in foreign countries due to the non-standard weight. The functional egg refers to the egg rich in nutrients such as zinc, iodine, selenium, calcium through feed technology. This sounds great, but in fact, because there is no regulation and poor inspection, many products are suspected of being over-promoted.

  How to choose local eggs?

  Look at the egg white. The egg whites of the native eggs are sticky, the color is a little yellow, and it looks like a crystal clear, but the foreign eggs are not rich in nutrients. The egg whites are thin and the color is white.

  Look at the egg yolk. If you open the eggshell, you can see that the share of the egg yolk is relatively large. Then use a toothpick to pick up the yolk quietly, but it is difficult to make foreign eggs.

  Scrambled eggs. Break the eggs, mix the yolks and egg whites, and stir-fry. If the eggs are found to be scattered, it is a foreign egg. If the eggs are connected together, it is a local egg.

  Smell the smell. Cook the egg, then peel the shell and smell the smell. If it tastes good compared to the fragrant, it tastes good. If it smells bad, it means that it is not earthy.

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