October 13 "World Egg Day" introduced to China

October 13 "World Egg Day" introduced to China

October 13 "World Egg Day" introduced to China

October 13 "World Egg Day" introduced to China


  The World Egg Association determines the second Friday of October every year as "World Egg Day". After consultation with the Organizing Committee of the China Egg Science and Technology Conference, the Egg Processing Professional Committee of the China Animal Products Processing Research Society and the World Egg Association, the "World Egg Day" event was first introduced to China on October 13. The experts who participated in the Egg Day event introduced some common knowledge about eating eggs, which helped us get out of some misunderstandings.

  One of the misunderstandings: the darker the color of the eggshell, the higher the nutritional value. Some people think that red-shell eggs have higher nutritional value than white-shell eggs, which is wrong. The color of the eggshell varies depending on the breed of laying hen. Scientists' experiments have shown that the two chickens that produce red and white shell eggs are fed under the same conditions, and the nutritional content of the eggs produced is the same. Evaluation of protein quality is mainly the content of protein in egg white (egg white). From a sensory point of view, the thicker the egg white, the higher the protein content, the better the quality of the protein. The color of egg yolk varies from light yellow to orange yellow. The color of egg yolk is related to its various pigments. The main pigments in egg yolk are lutein, zeaxanthin, lutein, carotene and riboflavin. The color of egg yolk usually only indicates the amount of pigment. Some pigments such as lutein and carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the body, so under normal circumstances, eggs with darker yolks are slightly better in nutrition.

  Myth 2: The nutrition of eggs is the same. Eggs are eaten in various ways, including boiled, steamed, fried, and fried. In terms of the absorption and digestibility of egg nutrition, boiled and steamed eggs are 100%, tender fried is 98%, scrambled eggs are 97%, poached eggs are 92.5%, old fried are 81.1%, and raw food is 30%-50%. From this point of view, boiled eggs should be the best way to eat.

  Misunderstanding 3: scrambled eggs put MSG. The egg itself contains a large amount of glutamic acid and a certain amount of sodium chloride. After heating, these two substances will generate a new substance-sodium glutamate, which is the main component of MSG and has a very pure umami taste. If you add MSG during scrambled eggs, the umami produced by the decomposition of MSG will destroy the natural umami of the egg itself. Therefore, it is not advisable to put MSG when scrambled eggs.

  Myth #4: It takes too long to cook eggs. To prevent the eggshell from bursting during cooking, wash the eggs, soak them in a pan filled with water for one minute, and boil them with a small fire. After opening, switch to simmer for 8 minutes. Avoid cooking for too long, otherwise, the ferrous ions in the egg yolk will chemically react with the sulfur ions to form a brown precipitate of ferrous sulfide, hindering the body's absorption of iron. (Transfer from: China National Poultry Network 2006/10/13)

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Fifteen years as one day

"Fifteen years as one day" Hubei Shendan loves to help students, and then pairs to help 66 students

A group photo of Shendan Company, Hengshui Middle School, and Chendian Middle School Aid Group on October 27th, Hubei Shendan Company held a donation activity for the 15th Hunshui Middle School and the 4th Chendian Middle School , 66 donated students interacted with their brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts. Zhou Yousheng, vice chairman of the Anlu Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, Sun Ning, director of the Anlu Education Bureau, Wu Dabin, the mayor of Hunshui Town, and Luo Hao, the mayor of Chendian Township, all witnessed this warm moment.

Shendan organized a group appearance at the opening ceremony of the 10th National Games and cheered for the 10th National Games!

On the morning of October 28th, the 10th Wuhan Games opened at Hanyang No. 1 Middle School Stadium in Caidian District. Chen Yixin, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Committee, Mayor Wan Yong, Mayor of Caidian District People's Government, and 10th Wuhan Games Group Peng Qiaodi, deputy director of the committee, and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.
Shendan Cup

"Shendan Cup" youth track and field competition perfectly interprets "youth prosperity and national prosperity"

On November 1, the three-day Wuhan Shenyang Cup "Shendan Cup" youth track and field competition ended in Hanyang No. 1 Middle School in Caidian District. 564 athletes from 13 districts competed on the heroes on the field, fully demonstrating the spirit of hard work of the younger generation.

Good news: Huang Fufang won a special award of 100,000 yuan from the chairman of the board-Hubei Shendan 2017 Section 2 Summary and Commendation and Section 3 Work Mobilization Conference Held

The conference commended 32 advanced units and responsible persons in the western region and Zhang Ping and other 203 advanced workers and awarded medals and certificates. 21 awards, 20 innovations, 36 proposals and management teams were rewarded, with a total amount of 690,000 yuan. This heavy prize, the Dragon Boat Festival Group Purchase Challenge Award, won 100,000 yuan by Huang Fufang, the Ministry of E-Commerce.


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