Is eating yolk good or bad?

Is eating yolk good or bad?

Is eating yolk good or bad?

Is eating yolk good or bad?


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  Food such as egg yolk has been discriminated against because of high cholesterol; duck egg yolk with Sudan red added even more unprecedented doubts about the food "egg yolk". Even consumers who love egg yolks suddenly feel overwhelmed when picking poultry eggs after the red egg yolks become a beast of floods...

  It turned out that the main components of egg yolk are 17.5% protein, 32.5% fat, and about 48.0% water and 2% minerals, as well as trace ingredients such as multivitamins.

  Most people think that the protein in eggs is concentrated in protein. In fact, the protein content of egg white is only about 11%, but the water content is as much as 88%. The fat is also solidly concentrated in the egg yolk, and the fat content of the egg white is only 0.2%. The fat in egg yolk is mainly monounsaturated fatty acids, and more than half of them are the main component of olive oil-oleic acid, which is beneficial to prevent heart disease.

  Egg yolk is rich in various vitamins

  When it comes to vitamins, there is no doubt that most of them are concentrated in egg yolks. Egg yolks contain valuable vitamin A and vitamin D, as well as vitamin E and vitamin K. These are "fat-soluble vitamins" and there is no trace of them in egg whites. Even the water-soluble vitamin B family accounts for the vast majority in egg yolks. In fact, part of the light yellow color in the egg yolk of the chicken farm comes from the color of riboflavin, and riboflavin is vitamin B2, which can prevent common diseases such as cracks in the corners of the mouth, glossitis, and pain in the lips.

  Egg yolk is rich in various trace elements

  What about various trace elements? It is also concentrated in the egg yolk. Egg yolk contains a large amount of phosphorus and a lot of iron. Although the absorption rate of iron in egg yolk is relatively low, it still plays an important role for infants who cannot eat meat. At the same time, all the lecithin in eggs comes from egg yolk, and lecithin can provide choline and help synthesize an important neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. Therefore, the first complementary food for babies is often egg yolk. Egg yolk is good for children's iron supplementation, and it is also good for children's brain development.

  Egg yolk is a good product for eye protection

  In addition to rich nutrients and wholesome lecithin, egg yolk also contains unexpected healthy ingredients-that is lutein and zeaxanthin.

  Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids, but they cannot be converted into vitamin A in the body. Having said that, they have a strong antioxidant effect, especially to protect the eyes. The imaging part of the human eye is the retina, and the retina has a "macular spot". The yellow color inside comes from lutein and zeaxanthin. These two types of substances help the eyes filter harmful ultraviolet rays, delay the aging of the eyes, prevent eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts, and are also good for the heart. Those dark yellow duck egg yolks and egg yolks are good sources of lutein and zeaxanthin. According to US research, more than one-third of the fat-soluble yellow substances in egg yolk come from these two ingredients, and they are easily absorbed by the body, which is better than eating corn directly. Therefore, for normal eggs, the yellower the color of the yolk, the better the eye health.

  Can you eat red yolk

  The color of the egg yolk is closely related to the chicken feed. If the feed contains more green leaves or yellow corn, the carotenoids contained in it will be absorbed into the egg yolk. So generally speaking, the yolk color of free-range eggs will be darker.

  As early as 20 or 30 years ago, some people used this rule to add carotenoids to chicken feed, making the color of egg yolks bright and beautiful, which was loved by consumers. This practice is harmless to health and even beneficial. Nowadays, some people use the characteristics of egg yolk to enrich pigments and use toxic chemical dyes to enhance the color of egg yolk, which is really annoying. But consumers do not need to change color because of choking waste food and talking about egg yolk. Dark yellow egg yolk that is not contaminated with chemical dyes is still a good food for health.

  Ingredients: pumpkin, salted duck eggs, parsley.

  Seasoning: chicken essence, cooking oil, salt.

  Practice: Peel the pumpkin first. Then cut the pumpkin, remove the seeds, and cut them into uniform strips of equal size. Salt the duck eggs, remove the egg yolks, and crush the egg yolks with a knife (more than half a catty of pumpkin is about 3-4 large duck eggs). It is best to go to the supermarket to buy duck eggs produced by regular producers. Such salted egg yolks have more oil and more oil. . Boil the pumpkin in water, do not take too long, and then remove the spare. Put oil in the pan, fry the crushed duck egg yolk in the pan, pay attention to a small fire! Fry until bubbles, add a little water, the purpose is to dry the egg yolk, dilute it, do not put more. The egg yolk is already salty, add a little salt and chicken essence, pour the pre-boiled pumpkin into the pot and stir evenly until the egg yolk is completely covered with the pumpkin.

Fifteen years as one day

"Fifteen years as one day" Hubei Shendan loves to help students, and then pairs to help 66 students

A group photo of Shendan Company, Hengshui Middle School, and Chendian Middle School Aid Group on October 27th, Hubei Shendan Company held a donation activity for the 15th Hunshui Middle School and the 4th Chendian Middle School , 66 donated students interacted with their brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts. Zhou Yousheng, vice chairman of the Anlu Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, Sun Ning, director of the Anlu Education Bureau, Wu Dabin, the mayor of Hunshui Town, and Luo Hao, the mayor of Chendian Township, all witnessed this warm moment.

Shendan organized a group appearance at the opening ceremony of the 10th National Games and cheered for the 10th National Games!

On the morning of October 28th, the 10th Wuhan Games opened at Hanyang No. 1 Middle School Stadium in Caidian District. Chen Yixin, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Committee, Mayor Wan Yong, Mayor of Caidian District People's Government, and 10th Wuhan Games Group Peng Qiaodi, deputy director of the committee, and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.
Shendan Cup

"Shendan Cup" youth track and field competition perfectly interprets "youth prosperity and national prosperity"

On November 1, the three-day Wuhan Shenyang Cup "Shendan Cup" youth track and field competition ended in Hanyang No. 1 Middle School in Caidian District. 564 athletes from 13 districts competed on the heroes on the field, fully demonstrating the spirit of hard work of the younger generation.

Good news: Huang Fufang won a special award of 100,000 yuan from the chairman of the board-Hubei Shendan 2017 Section 2 Summary and Commendation and Section 3 Work Mobilization Conference Held

The conference commended 32 advanced units and responsible persons in the western region and Zhang Ping and other 203 advanced workers and awarded medals and certificates. 21 awards, 20 innovations, 36 proposals and management teams were rewarded, with a total amount of 690,000 yuan. This heavy prize, the Dragon Boat Festival Group Purchase Challenge Award, won 100,000 yuan by Huang Fufang, the Ministry of E-Commerce.


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