The difference between native eggs and common eggs





  Native eggs in supermarkets are much more expensive than regular eggs. Often some foreign eggs are used to swindle consumers. So what is the difference between native eggs and ordinary eggs? No. You are very different in nutrients, and they are also quite different in appearance. Now we share the difference between native eggs and common eggs.

  The difference in appearance is that the eggshell of the foreign egg is dark brown, larger in size, seven or eight pounds, and the color of the egg is lighter. Because the feed often contains fish meal, there is always a fishy smell; while the eggshell of the earth egg is a little powder, or Light brown, small in size, a dozen pounds, egg yolk is orange red.

  A large chicken farmer stated: First, the egg yolks are plump and swollen with golden yellow, and the relative fat content is higher. The egg white is more transparent and sticky than foreign eggs. In terms of color, the local eggs are not as common as the usual egg colors sold in the market; second, it depends on the role of the fried eggs in the pot. The feed eggs are very simple and scattered after being put into the pot, while the soil eggs are a whole piece and will not appear to be scattered. The third is that the taste is also very different. The taste of the soil eggs is relatively tender and has no fishy smell.

  So how to choose eggs: First, try to buy eggs with thick and strong eggshells. The eggshells of the soil eggs are lubricated and shiny, and the appearance is even and common. Don't just rely on the color of the eggshell, because the color of the eggshell can be adjusted through the feed. The second is to look at the egg white and egg yolk. The egg in the soil is thicker and the egg yolk has a darker color. The third is to look at the size. Generally speaking, the size of the eggs is relatively small.

  The difference between native eggs and usual eggs:

  Agricultural experts say that there are usually two differences in the specifications of eggs and native eggs:

  One is to look at the appearance

  "Ear eggs" are small in size, and the skin color is mainly light red and white;

  The second is to look at the "essence"

  Egg yolks are reddish, rich in fat, and the volume of egg yolks is significantly larger than that of egg whites.

  Three heads:

  Although the eggs are small, the yolk is not smaller than the foreign eggs. The foreign eggs are big and the egg white is very watery. You can see them when frying the eggs.

  Four: look at the egg yolk

  The earth egg is clear and sticky, slightly greenish yellow; the egg yellow is golden and floats on the egg white without sinking. A toothpick is inserted in the middle of the egg yolk to stand upright; its eggshell is tough and solid, with high calcium content, unlike The foreign egg shell is so crispy.

  In addition, the egg yolk produced by chickens with pigments in the feed is red, and it is often sold as fake eggs. Although they are similar, they can still be differentiated: first, the former has a rougher eggshell; while the eggshell of the former is more delicate and harder.

  So usually the two are the best difference from the egg yolk, but some factories use the egg yolk produced by the pigmented chicken is red, so there is another way to make the difference, that is, look at the cracks.

  There was a layer of membrane bordering the earth eggs at the meeting. It was not simply broken. The foreign eggs cracked at once, so if I didn't take a picture of the foreign eggs, I only gave a screenshot of the earth eggs for us to appreciate.

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