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The Mid-Autumn festival reunion eggs

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    The Mid-Autumn festival originated from the myth of chang e story. After yi shoot day hero legend happened not the dead medicine, the heavenly queen obtained over to his wife chang 'e, was little loose Mongolia peep to robbery, and critical condition of chang 'e swallowed the medicine, e had. Hou yi from now on only on the height at the Mid-Autumn festival on the round bread and egg, round and full moon chang e, in the remote sends lovesickness. Since then, lunar calendar August 10 full moon of may is China's traditional Mid-Autumn festival, on this day people climbing poetry, white water rafting, enjoy the moon cakes, eat together eggs, etc., altogether celebrates the festival people reunion, so the Mid-Autumn festival is also known as "the mid autumn festival".

   Egg circle month, auspicious food through the ages is the symbol of reunion, or the Mid-Autumn festival people express wishes bond to each other.

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