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Company introduction


    Hubei Shendan Healthy Food Co., Ltd.is a high-tech agricultural industrial leading enterprise, mainly specializing in egg products, jointing feeding production and poultry raising services, with annual capacity of processing 360,000 tons feeding and 100,000 tons eggs. According to the statistics from CGCC in 2009, Shendan products ranks first in market share among all kinds of egg products. It was selected as " China qualify and credible enterprises", "top ten leading enterprises".

  Shendan is the first domestic enterprise, which produce cleaning eggs, and enact local standard of "cleaning eggs". It founds constant temperature preserving workshop and standard egg processing workshop. It imports the world's most advanced cleaning eggs processing line and automatic shelling line. Its leading products are preserved egg, salted egg, marinaded egg, cleaning egg, egg sausage, boiled egg.

  Shendan built in various of sales network all over the country. Its products are sold in more than 10,000 supermarkets of Carrefour, Metro and Wal-mart. It is the only egg products enterprise, which signs sales agreement with all of the world's three retail giants. Its products are also exported to Japan, Korea, America, Austrilia and other countries. In 2007, Shendan became cleaning eggs supplier of KFC and McDonald's, and "National Best Supplier" of Carrefour and Wal-mart.

  Shendan runs on basis of "company + farmer + standardizition" model. It founds breeding base of 1000,000 quails in Anlu city, 2000,000 chickens, 2000,000 ducks around Anlu city.

  Together with Huazhong Agriculture University, Shendan established the first domestic egg products research centre in 2006, which can check drug and heavy metal residues. Shendan also passed ISO9001:2000 certificate, HACCP certifacte and export registe. Its six products "green food" certificate.